Healthy Eating Tips: Freezer Refresh

Revamping what’s in your freezer can result in huge health benefits – in my latest video on AOL, I share smart staple swaps to keep your family well-fed and feeling fantastic.

Classic Guacamole

In one of my latest videos on Prevention Magazine’s website, I explained how to make a quick, spicy guacamole that gets its kick from jalapeno, red onion and plenty of lime juice.

In The Kitchen with Liz

Prevention Magazine’s editor-in-chief, Liz Vaccariello, invited me on her show, ‘In the Kitchen With Liz’ to talk about healthy foods. The first video focuses on a delicious and heart-healthy smoothie!

Healthy Eating Tips: Snacking Refresh

Revamping your family’s snacking habits can result in huge health benefits – in my latest video on AOL, I share smart snack swaps to keep your family smiling and satisfied between meals.

Healthy Party Snacks

There’s no question that I like to cook, but I like entertaining even more. Testing out my healthy recipes on a hungry crowd is the best way to see which dishes are the most popular and to get feedback on flavors and textures. In this segment, you’re invited to one of my parties where my neighbors and friends taste-tested many of the recipes you can find on


A healthy body can produce and sustain a healthy mind. That is the mission statement of Play 4 Life, a non-for-profit organization that I work with on a monthly basis. Why do I volunteer? Living healthy is more to me than just nutritious cooking or writing about health trends, it’s also about sharing the wealth with others.

Eat Like An Actor

Ever wonder how actors get fit and how they maintain their weight in between roles? Take a trip with me to the Royal Theater in New York City. I have a birthday surprise for my friend Chad Carpenter who is preparing for his next role. Will he be able to resist my extra ‘rich’ Devil’s Food Cake that I just baked for him?

Cooking With Spices: Turmeric

Learn to spice things up with healthy cooking on YogaLife! As their resident chef, I’ll show you just how easy it is to add flavor to every-day meals by using spices and foods that heal. This month on Yoga Life, my video features turmeric.