Archives for June 2010

Dine and Cook

Last week, I had an invigorating conversation about lifestyle, old world cooking, and health with Editor Ryan Sloane of – listen to our chat about traditional cooking practices and the emotional side of eating, as well as the making of the book.

Blueberry Cobbler

Check out yesterday’s TV segment appearing on Chicago’s WGN CW Network. I prepared a delicious Blueberry Cobbler with Yogurt Topping and Ricotta Strawberry Shortcake Parfaits while chatting with host Dina Bair about healthy summer desserts.

Finger Foods

Slightly altering directions for a recipe and improving its presentation can make almost any dish entertaining-worthy. Check out my latest ideas for skewering and sandwiching…

Why Some People Crave More Salt

Recent efforts to reduce salt content in foods might be harder for some to swallow – literally. LiveScience just published new research involving supertasters and what this meant for their levels of salt consumption.

Does Eating Healthy Take More Work?

I’d like to bust one of the greatest health myths out there: Eating healthy takes a lot more work than eating poorly! I’ll admit that making an elaborate meal can be more time consuming compared to a trip to the take-out window. That said, in the ten minutes it takes you to drive to that fast food joint, you could have a meal that’s doubly good…

Mini-fy Your Favorite Desserts

Last week, I co-hosted a barbeque at my friend Steve’s, and I wanted to make something special for dessert that I wouldn’t have to cut or serve, something that people could eat with their fingers, something other than cookies or brownies.

Eat Better, Stay Younger?

Did you know that people who lower calorie intake can dramatically boost immune function? That’s what an intriguing article from the Jean Mayer USDA Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts University covers.

Can I Get The Recipe?

When I traveled to Toronto last April to promote ‘Secrets of a Skinny Chef, the exuberant Cari Snell of ‘Can I Get The Recipe?’ caught up with me by phone for an interview and cookbook review. Besides enjoying Cari’s tremendous wit and good humor, I noticed that we share a lot of the same foods philosophies…