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March 2008 Newsletter: Shamrocks and Spring On The Way

Celebrating two of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, I’m dedicating this newsletter to my Granny, ‘Patricia’, born on the March 17th! Even though she isn’t Irish, she certainly has had a lot of ‘luck’ with her dishes. Queen of our family kitchen, she has passed on some fierce cooking skills and many cooking tips that you can see on the site.

February 2008 Newsletter: My Heart-Healthy Valentine’s Day

When I was growing up, Valentine’s day wasn’t just about chocolate. Granny always made her own treats, handmade goodies that had nothing to do with candy. One Valentine’s, she created a basket full of hand-sewn pin cushions in the shape of a heart stuffed with fragrant rose and lavender potpourri. But now that I’m older, I always think of giving food this time of year.

January 2008 Newsletter: Fight the Holiday Bulge,Eat Fit for the New Year

In my January 2008 newsletter, I highlight my latest articles for YogaLife, People and In Style magazines, and share healthy eating tips. Why wait for New Year’s? Make your resolution now! If losing weight is your number one priority, making one to two small changes to your daily food choices can make all the difference in the world.

December 2007 Newsletter: Cook UpSome Holiday Cheer

Home-made baked goods are my weakness during the holidays. Who doesn’t love a plate of warm cookies right from the oven? Why not try some healthier holiday goodies that are lighter than traditional fare but just as sweet? Try my recipe for rugelach for Hanukkah filled with chocolate chips and walnuts or leave Santa a stack of peppermint biscotti.

November 2007 Newsletter: Getting Ready For Thanksgiving

Want to enjoy your favorite Thanksgiving dishes without packing on the pounds? Don’t go cold turkey – try the skinny version of my holiday favorites like Granny’s moist stuffing, pumpkin bread pudding, and sweet potato mash. Find out Granny’s #1 secret to for a perfect Thanksgiving feast in the latest In Granny’s Kitchen podcast.

October 2007 Newsletter: Get Ready For Tricks or Treats

When the weather turns, enjoy rich tasting, cool-weather favorites like corn chowder, tuna melt, and mac and cheese without worrying about your waistline! Who said creamy has to equal fat! Watch my myth buster webcast on how I make creamy dishes without all the fat! Listen to cooking tips and recipes from over 50 years as a home cook in the lastest In Granny’s Kitchen podcast.

September 2007 Newsletter: Back to School News.Get Ready for a Healthy Fall

In my September newsletter, I’ll cover the latest Skinny Chef webcasts on Sharpening Knives and Cooking with Spices. Looking for other ways to prepare for fall? It’s easier than you think with the Skinny Chef Blog, packed with simple, do-ahead ideas and tips for healthy people on the go. With articles like 10 Healthy Ideas for School Lunches and 10 Healthy Summer Habits to Take Back to the Office, it’s a cinch to add healthy habits to your busy schedule.

What Men Want

This July 2007 Skinny Chef newsletter focuses on more male-focused content such as grilling and men’s health. Try my recipes for Grilled Jalapeno Flank Steak, Grilled Mango with Balsamic Glaze, or pulled pork.